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DairPhone extension to Telephhone Message Pad


DairPhone is an integrated extension to your Telephone Message Pad Account. It provides phone-within-a-phone functionality for contact list search, dialer, and mapper access within a efficient mobile interface. Reduced sized screenshot is at right and full sized at bottom of page.
DairPhone Screenshot

A phone within your phone: Search your Telephone Message Pad contacts and Call telephone, Map Address, or list entire message within a single screen.


The free edition of DairPhone is provided to each user of Telephone Message Pad. Our pricing has remained fixed since we went online in 2011 and free DairPhone continues our tradition of stable pricing.

  • Contact list search

    DairPhone shows selected records from within the 499 most recent contact records in your account. Listing order of the results list is most recent first with the most recent highlighted in light blue.

    The keys used to select the record are shown directly above the selected records in the search pattern. Because several characters are assigned to the same keytap, DairPhone does a pattern match against records. The part of each record which first matches is shown in bold.

  • Dialer access

    Using the telephone number for the selected record (light blue highlight), a phone call is placed through your native dialer. This is intended for iPhone or Android but may work with Skype and other phone interfaces on desktop.
  • Mapper access

    Using the street address recorded for the selected record (light blue highlight), control of screen is passed to Google Maps (unaffiliated).

What's New

Our founder uses tiny mobile keyboards only when there is no alternative. He designed his own alternative keypad based search engine with generously sized keys. Telephone Message Pad already has two search engines with a qwerty (ordinary) keyboard interface so this new DairPhone interface is free to break the mold and discard qwerty.

User Documentation

  • KeyPad select and TeleMsg return

    The top row of DairPhone allows you to select the current KeyPad or return to Telephone Message Pad.


    To reduce the number of keys required, the alphabetic keys are 3-4 per key (see example use immediately below). The 10 digits are packed into a single "0-9" key. There is no shift up/down key needed because the alphabetic keys ignore case. There are 3 additional keys on the keypad, each meriting further discussion.
    • stands for match any string of characters. Thus, would match "New Year's Day" and the bolding shows what got matched. The odd marking of this button would have meaning to people familiar with Regular Expressions: match as few characters as needed to make the match.
    • matches a string of spaces
    • Backspaces removes the most recent key in the search pattern.


    The two buttons in the pattern row (below the keypad affect) the search and/or search pattern.
    • skips over the present record selected by the keys in the search pattern. So,if you see the result you want to act on 1-2 down, you can skip over the current selected record and ignore it in all searches moving forward until RESET.
    • Restores DairPhone to initial state when entered. If additional messages were added (or removed) since start of DairPhone or RESET, the results list will reflect the change.

    The three buttons in the action row perform actions using the first entry in the results list (highlighted in light blue).

    • activates the dialer on your device. The ability to connect the call depends on the actual capabilities of your device.
    • Using the street address recorded for the selected record (light blue highlight), control of screen is passed to Google Maps (unaffiliated).
    • Leaves DairPhone and opens up Telephone Message Pad listing interface. Usually, telephone dialing and map_it are supported on the target landing page.
    • Search pattern Showing just above the results list, the Search pattern shows the keys entered. The key removes the most recent entry. The button erases the entire search pattern and starts up a fresh instance of DairPhone.

    Results list

    The records you have search for show up with most recently entered showing at the top.

    The search pattern is applied to each selected record and the part of the record satisfying the search pattern is shown in bold.

    The most recent on in the entire list is highlighted in blue and is considered the "selected" record. So, if you tap a button in the action row, the selected record is the one acted on.

Full Size Screen Shot

This screen shot shows actual usage on a desktop. Personal last names, street addresses, and telephone numbers have been redacted.