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DairTel Duplicate Handling

When you open a ticket in DairTel, it searches for unclosed calls from the same telephone number within the last 400 calls and shows them to you in a listing similar to this:

Then, you can deal will all of the calls as a group if all of the boxes in the first column are checked (the default). All of the changes you make are applied to all of the checked calls.

One common scenario is that you want to close some of the calls immediately as duplicates. In that case, put "duplicate" in the comment box, change the status to "closed", uncheck the tickets you want to keep open, and click the "update_ticket(s)" button.

The second column shows the status and message number of each duplicate call. The coloration follows the color scheme you set up ticket status. The current ticket (the one you have open) shows only the ticket number and not the status. The status for the current ticket is shown in the drop-down list above.

The third column shows whether you have listened to the audio or not. For more, see the DairTel autoanswer review topic.

The fourth column shows the first 50 or so characters of the audio transcript.

The duplicate panel collects only "unclosed" calls. If a call is closed, it will not show up in this panel, except the current call is always shown. Avoid navigating away from the current call if it is closed. You will not be able to navigate back using this panel.

If you uncheck all of the checkboxes and then click "update_ticket(s)", any changes you make will be applied to the current ticket only.

Further, as a security measure, only users who are logged in will be able to see and change multiple messages. Anonymous users who are responding to a link (more about links) are allowed to only change the one specific ticket that have a link for.

You can sometimes get unexpected results if you change the name, company, or telephone number. When a call comes in, the software looks up a telephone number among those it has seen previously. It stops at the most recent call it finds where the telephone number matches. So, to be effective, changes have to be made to the newest call and changes made to any others are immaterial as far as what gets displayed subsequently. To eliminate confusion, we recommend that if you are setting calls to closed, that you change to the newest call first. Close the group of calls you want to close. Always select the current call whether you want it closed or not. The others will disappear from the list of duplicates. Now set the current call to the status you want if you do not want it closed.