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Telephone Message Pad is a combined manual and automatic phone answering solution for inbound telephone call management. It comes in two editions: TMP-1 and TMP-3.

TMP-1 is a real time call log which your staff uses to enter phone messages. TMP-3 is an extension of that which allows for augmenting manual message taking with automatic message taking (computer answers phone and takes message).

The standard form provided TMP-3 automatic message taking is shown below. The automatic subsystem is known as "DairTel" and you can see there is a "DairTel" menu button below to manage this function.

While You Were Out form
For unknown callers, the company and phone are taken from the caller ID information and the message is a computer transcription of any message the caller leaves. An MP3 recording is also made that you may listen to if the written transcription needs to be augmented.

Since caller ID is limited to 16 characters and may not specify actual caller, you may manually edit the name (and/or company) field after the message is taken and the manual entries will be used on subsequent calls.

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