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TMP-1 is our basic service. TMP-1 allows your staff to take and distribute messages. Your staff can send SMS messages using a wireless gateway (e.g. send to

Per User Pricing ($ US)
Users      1 mo.          3 mo.         12 mo.    
 1 9.95 9.25 8.55
 2 9.60 8.90 8.20
 5 9.25 8.55 7.85
10 8.90 8.20 7.50
20 8.55 7.85 7.15
50 8.20 7.50 6.80

Above 125 users, it is advantageous switching to a dedicated server and using dedicated server pricing.

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Service Terms
TelephoneMessagePad service does not require a long term agreement.

You are not confined to the number of users listed. Use the next lower number of users listed for rate. For example, an 8-user subscription would use the 5-user row to calculate per user charges.

The total is due at the beginning of the subscription period.

We respect your right to privacy and will hold your private information in confidence. We will not divulge your personal information to third parties. However, we may divulge your information for necessary reasons having to do with net abuse, collection of money owed us, or to comply with law.

How to pay
There is no "pay now" button on this web site. Payments are only taken inside the service itself.



TMP-3 adds DairTel telephony features to our basic TMP-1 service. You staff can send SMS messages using destination phone number only (e.g. send to 11234567890). By forwarding your office phone number to your DairTel number, phone messages are taken and transcribed (up to 2 minutes) automatically.

Per User Pricing ($ US)
Users      1 mo.          3 mo.         12 mo.    
 1 24.95 22.95 19.95
 2 22.95 19.95 17.95
 5 19.95 17.95 14.95
10 17.95 14.95 12.95
20 14.95 12.95 10.95
50 12.95 10.95 9.95

Per user pricing includes 600 free monthly minutes. Length of any call is rounded up to the nearest whole minute. An incoming caller who hangs up immediately still counts as 1 minute.

Each incoming SMS or outgoing SMS counts as a minute. An incoming caller who is forwarded to another number registers for the incoming and outgoing call minutes separately (i.e. costs 2X what an auto answered call would be).

Unused free minutes roll over from month to month to a limit of 2000 accumulated total minutes (total includes paid, if any).

For overage charges beyond 600, excess minutes may be purchased in packs of 500 minutes ($25 ea), 2000 minutes ($95 ea), and 10,000 minutes ($450 ea).

Because of the significant amount of NRE (non-recurring engineering), TMP-3 is not offered in a standard package as a dedicated server. Call.

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Money back guarantee
If either you or we are not satisfied with the program or the relationship, your unused subscription will be refunded.