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Connect with Dennis Reinhardt, who wrote the Telephone Message Pad software. He has been onsite at several inbound call centers and knows of many pitfalls and solutions first hand. Normal office hours: M-F 9-5 PST (noon-8 EST). Please leave a message if busy or no answer (we get many calls without messages and definitely do prioritize returning calls with messages).

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TMP-1 is our basic service without DairTel telephony features. It allows your staff to take and distribute messages. They can send SMS messages using a wireless gateway (e.g. send to


Cost for 5 users for 12 months is $7.85/user/mo starting after trial.

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TMP-3 adds DairTel telephony features to our basic TMP-1 service. You staff can send SMS messages using destination phone number only (e.g. send to 11234567890). By forwarding your office phone number to your DairTel number, phone messages are taken and transcribed (up to 2 minutes) automatically.

Cost for 5 users for 12 months is $14.95/user/mo starting after trial.

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