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Dennis Reinhardt, owner
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Business hours 9-5 M-F USA Pacific Coast Time (GMT -8).

Dennis Reinhardt

ASP Hall
2012 ASP Hall of Fame Inductee

About Dennis Reinhardt

Dennis was chief programmer for the prime equipment supplier of Telephone Answering Bureau automation equipment to AT&T and held a comparable position at a medical telecommunications subsidiary of Pfizer.

Dennis is an MIT graduate in electrical engineering. He was granted 7 US Patents while working at Intel as a computing Architect in the 1990's.

He recently served as President and prior to that Board Chair of the Association of Software Professionals.

DAIR Computer systems is his full time focus and Telephone Message Pad its flagship product.

About Telephone Message Pad

Dennis wrote Telephone Message Pad and is who answers when you call. He fervently believes there will be a day when Telephone Message Pad is used by offices everywhere from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations. When that happens, we will have agents reading from screens like everyone else but we are not there yet. When you call now, you are talking to Dennis.

Free consultation

We are happy to work with you to see if Telephone Message Pad has a solution for you.

Connect with Dennis Reinhardt, who wrote the Telephone Message Pad software. He has been onsite at several inbound call centers and knows of many pitfalls and solutions first hand. Normal office hours: M-F 9-5 PST (noon-8 EST). Please leave a message if busy or no answer (we get many calls without messages and definitely do prioritize returning calls with messages).

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