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Payment Options

Payment Console - manual payment

Manual Payment console
When you want to pay for Telephone Message Pad, you must be logged into your account. Select Help >> Payment Console. You will see a screen containing a panel similar to the above. There may be additional panels for other optional services or general information. Here we are concerned only with the Telephone MessagePad service. Click the Calculate and Pay button ...

Calculate and Pay

Calculate and Pay
... to arrive at the Make Payments page. By default, the number of users is filled in from your current account. You may change the number of users or term of your subscription. If you do reduce the number of users, we request that you delete the users you no longer are paying for first at Admin >> Edit_Users or send us a Help >> HelpDesk explaining what you want to do.

Other panels on this page show the pricing table and the current status of your account.

When you are satisfied with the computation, press proceed to checkout. After you have paid, the status of your account on this page will be updated within 3 business hours, typically within 15 minutes.

Note that there is an option to have your payment details retained. Checking this box enables AutoPay on future renewals. You will be rebilled automatically for the term you chose here. FastSpring is our third party payment processor and all payments are made against their merchant credit card account. If you do enable AutoPay, future visits to the Payment Console ...

Payment Console - AutoPay

Payment Console - AutoPay
... show the AutoPay controls. You still have access to the Calculate and Pay page as above but the Proceed to Checkout control is disabled. If you want to change the number of users with AutoPay enabled, please submit a Help >> HelpDesk request.

There is still a need to update your credit card information on file. Click the manage AutoPay button to ...

Managing AutoPay

Managing AutoPay

... arrive at the Managing AutoPay page. It has a somewhat different appearance because the page is actually located on the FastSpring site. You may edit your credit card details using the Edit Subscription link emphasized in red.

You may also cancel AutoPay using the link shown. However, let's try to head off any misunderstanding now. Cancelling AutoPay does not cancel your Telephone Message Pad subscription. Rather, it reverts you to manual payment. If you want to cancel AutoPay and your service, please let us know. Otherwise, if you cancel AutoPay but let your service continue, you may get billing reminders.

On the other hand, if you simply want to revert to manual payment, all you need to do is cancel AutoPay using the link shown. Your Telephone Message Pad subscription continues full force and you pay subsequently via the manual interface at the top of this page.